About Horizons

Welcome to Horizons - Play School in Shahberi, Crossing Republik, A school focussed on personal excellence for all students .

Our school, formerly was running under the franchise of G D. GOENKA LA PETITE, has a proud tradition of being a “second home” for the child. We believe that the true potential of any child can be extracted only when the child is emotionally and socially connected . Horizons the school understands the importance of early education in the early years of a child’s life. The true wisdom of a school lies in providing the right stimulating environment, where a child not only learns by doing but also explores the world around him by observing patterns, self expression, interrogation and proper guidance.

In the era of global competition, where education is of prime importance, we believe that the early years of life play the most important role in structuring the right individuals who become the pillars of society in their adulthood. We provide experiences and facilities that will foster the child’s overall development. This includes enlightened, interested and educated parents, adequate nutrition , clean, healthy living conditions , exposure to books, toys etc., opportunities for play, opportunities for listening to good language and for self- expression, opportunities for observation, manipulation, experimentation and problem- solving. It also includes a warm, secure, accepting environment which would help the child to develop trust and confidence in himself and in the world around him.


We develop and faster leadership and personal growth to complement the academic, artistic, technical and sporting opportunities.

Curriculum Activities

Our engaging curriculum and dedicated staff have created a teaching and learning environment where each student will not only be supported to achieve the highest levels of success of which they are capable of, but will also be encouraged to be responsible, thoughtful, honest, respectful and confident.


A positive relationship between parents, students and teachers is the foundation of a supported learning environment that builds respect and allows students to be happy, to care about others, to expect greatness of themselves and lead to well grounded and balanced lives.


Developing a healthy parent-teacher relationship is a great way to improve a child’s performance in school, specially during early development years of a child’s life.

Horizons, the school will be known for high academic achievement and developing personalities who can adapt and contribute to the global community.